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Changing the insurance game with Healthy by Sovereign

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New Zealand has the OECD’s third highest obesity rate and one of the worst diabetes problems in the developed world*. Scientifically linked with heart disease, it kills more Kiwis than cigarettes*. Sovereign sees the consequences daily, paying out 60 cents per dollar of premiums every year.


Together with Sovereign, we created Healthy By Sovereign, NZ’s first loyalty programme to reward Kiwis for behaviours, not purchases. Every time a member works out, tracks steps, does a fresh food shop, or gets a health related check-up, Sovereign aggregates this data and translates it into ‘health points’. In return, members earn annual cash-backs, so the healthier they are, the less they pay for their insurance.


After four months, 70% of the annual policyholder enrollment target has been achieved, policy sales are up 53% and insurance quote requests are up 45%. In addition, 12,822 leads have been captured, 207% more than the volume achieved in the four months pre-launch. Most importantly, 96% of independent advisers, Sovereign’s key sales channel, have asked for their clients to be contacted.

* Ministry of Health 2015

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