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The test drive that comes to you

Case Study Honda


In 2012 & 2013, the New Zealand farming community experienced the worst drought for 70 years. No one had any extra cash to spend, especially not on a new farm vehicle. How could we get farmers to consider the new Honda Pioneer MUV over their beloved quad bikes, when Honda had a reputation for being expensive, and most farms were miles away from their nearest dealership?


We got the dealer to come to them. Farmers who had owned a Honda or expressed interest in one before received an email driving them to a microsite which used Google Earth to create a personalised film showing their local Honda dealer driving over hill and dale to deliver the Pioneer to their farm for a test-drive.

We recruited notorious (and now a farmer himself) ex All-Black Andrew Hore, and teamed up with comedian Millen Baird to create a test-drive like no other, packed with witty dialogue, talking sheep and plenty of mud and water. On the site, they could also view the Pioneer in action, and take a 360 walk around the vehicle.


The Long Way recognised Kiwi farmers’ new-generation smarts, starting ongoing conversations between farmers and local dealers – and the entire first shipment of Pioneers sold out before it even reached New Zealand’s shores.

At the beginning of the year Polaris had the largest market share at 48.8% ,with Honda trailing in a distant fifth at 4.7%. In September Honda hit number two in the market with 32.5% market share, only 3.8% behind Polaris. That’s an 85% increase in market share in nine months.

Finally, the site has been so successful it has now been adopted as the home site for the Honda Pioneer range, with the newly released Pioneer 500 being added to the family.

Gold NZDM Award for Industry Excellence


ECHO International Direct Marketing Award


W3 Gold Award Winner


The portal is so cool, easy to use and great content. Best thing Honda have done for ages!

– Honda Dealer, Taranaki

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