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Recognising IT’s unsung heroes

Case Study Kordia


How could Kordia increase brand recognition amongst smart, cynical IT managers – with a fraction of the marketing budget their competitors were putting on the table?


IT staff are the unsung heroes of the business community, often living in the smallest, darkest  corners of the building. But they have superhuman powers when it comes to keeping a business running. So we created the ‘Kordia IT Superhero Award’, a campaign which not only celebrated individual IT people, but also recognised the successes and challenges facing the entire IT community.

We invited businesses around New Zealand to nominate their IT hero for a chance to win a trip to NASA. Then, we used personalised mass media (bus backs, adshels, social media and web banners)  to individually hero the 10 finalists. Finally, we announced the winner in trade media, so IT people felt celebrated for their oft-unrecognised hard graft. We also ran a widely successful launch activation event to mark the kick off for the voting.


The campaign became an IT world phenomenon. The results exceeded our goals in every way:

  • Aimed for 50 Hero entries, ended up with 230
  • Kordia’s Facebook followers rose from 600 to 3,200
  • Monthly traffic on doubled from 5,500 to well over 10,000

Most importantly, unprompted awareness rose from 8% to 20% amongst wider IT teams, which was 35% above the targets we were set. As a result of all this, purchase consideration of Kordia services jumped from 9% to 20% in industry, and Kordia recorded their most successful sales month on record.


Silver NZDM Award for Communications & Utility


Over 2000 nominations have been received for the Kordia IT Superhero award.

– Amber Peebles, More FM

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